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Posh Porridge

Break The Fast

The Irish have a love affair with porridge. It used to be just your granny that ate porridge daily since the war, but now Granny is totally on-trend. Porridge has become sexy and fashionable. 

My mother used to force-feed it to me every morning in primary school with milk and white sugar. Gasp. My Dad used to eat his with milk and refined table salt. In all fairness, this was before the world discovered Himalayan pink salt and where white sugar and table salt resulted in black marks on your soul, a trip to confession, and a decade of the rosary for your culinary sins.

In secondary school, I replaced porridge with START or SUGAR PUFFS cause they had more interesting boxes to read in the morning than Flahavan’s plastic porridge bag. Little did I know 30 years later I would have my own range of breakfast offerings others would be reading for breakfast every day. Wicked Wholefoods may no longer exist except as a lingering memory on your tastebuds of cardamom and cinnamon, but I keep whipping up brekkie oat recipes for happy stools all around. 

“Oats are a useful grain for both cattle and man. Cooked and eaten it is an excellent medication encouraging one’s daily stool: it fills the belly and is a fortifying source of nutrition”. German botanist Adam Lonitzer reported back in the 16th century, proving that oats have been recognised for centuries for their beneficial nutrition properties and not just because everyone is now soaking their oats overnight and Instagramming it.

Posh Porridge

Makes 2 servings.Takes 10 minutes plus 20 minutes soaking time

1 cup organic rolled oats (optional gluten-free)

2 cups of milk (almond or moo-juice)

1/3 cup of chopped dried figs / raisins / dates

1/3 cup cashew nuts, roughly chopped

1/2 organic banana, mashed

1 tsp Madagascan vanilla extract

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tbsp raw honey / brown rice syrup / maple syrup

pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Optional pimping to include blueberries/granola/cacao nibs/bee pollen/hemp seeds/pumpkin seeds/rose petals.

Pop all ingredients in a pot. Mix well. Leave to soak for 20 minutes. Run upstairs, have a shower. Run back downstairs. Cook on low to medium heat stirring regularly until it is super creamy. Finally pour it into a bowl & pimp it to make your granny proud.

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